Many benefits of removing your old tub & converting to a walk-in shower

As we grow older, maintaining safety and independence during bathing becomes more

challenging. Updating to a walk-in shower provided an ideal solution for seniors seeking

to preserve their autonomy, improving safety, comfort, and ascetics.

For seniors in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, walk-in showers offer easier access and

safety compared to traditional bathtubs. With a range of customization options available,

modem walk-in showers cater to diverse budgets and preferences, In this article, we will

talk about why you should consider a new walk-in shower remodel and how it can

benefit your safety.

Senior Walk-In Showers Have Slip Resistant Tile

Minimize the risk of slips and falls with walk-in showers, particularly beneficial for

anyone. Unlike traditional bathtubs, walk-in showers feature No thresholds and

slip-resistant floors, enhancing accessibility and safety, especially for those with limited

mobility or balance issues. In the US over 36 million seniors experience slips and fall

accidents annually, Converting your existing tub or curbed shower to a new walk-in

shower in your Phoenix/ Scottsdale home, significantly minimizes the likelihood of such

incidents, while mitigating the potential for serious injuries.

There Are Many Additional Safety Improvements In A Senior Walk-In Shower

Numerous additional safety enhancements are available. Various walk-in shower

designs include safety bars and non-slip surfaces, further reducing the risk of slips or

falls. These supplementary features instill a greater sense of security for seniors,

enabling them to bathe without fear of injury. To learn more about these features,

contact our aging-in-place specialist today at (602) 989-8255

Additionally, walk-in showers can be outfitted with adjustable shower heads and other amenities, facilitating ease of use for individuals with limited mobility. These features often include Handheld and Sliding Shower Heads for added flexibility, benches for comfortable seating during showering, and strategically placed grab bars to enhance stability and

‘support while maneuvering in and out of the shower. Together, these elements

ensure a safe, convenient, and accessible bathing experience for any individuals

with limited mobility challenges.

Why Should You Invest In A Senior Walk-In Shower?

In summary, investing in a walk-in shower provides folks of all ages with numerous

benefits, including enhanced safety, reduced Joint strain, and improved accessibility.

With their customizable features and ergonomic design, walk-in showers offer the

opportunity to maintain their independence and dignity while ensuring a comfortable

and secure bathing experience. Additionally, incorporating walk-in showers into bath

remodeling for seniors can further enhance the functionality and Safety of their

bathrooms, promoting a sense of confidence and well-being in their daily lives.

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If you're looking to improve your bathing experience in Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ

contact Gainey Flooring Aging in Place Division for expert Senior shower installation in Phoenix, AZ, As Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists (CAPS) , we specialize in

customized bathroom modifications tailored to the unique needs of senior citizens, With

over 25 years of dedicated service to the Scottsdale and Phoenix metropolitan areas,

we offer expertise in elderly bathroom remodel projects. Whether you're looking to

enhance safety or improve accessibility, our professional team is here to help. If you're

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6 Ways a Walk-in Shower Prevents Injuries

6 Ways a Walk-in Shower Prevents Injuries

Turning an old bathtub/shower combo into a beautifully tiled walk-in shower looks great. What's even better is that it can prevent injuries.Converting an existing bathtub into a walk-in shower is a signature service of Scottsdale, Arizona-based company Gainey Flooring has provided  Aging In Place Bathroom and shower Remodeling for Seniors for over 25 years. Here, owner Bruce Berey shares the top six reasons installing a walk-in shower increases daily peace-of-mind for older adults and their families.


1. Eliminates stepping over the tub wall

Stepping into a combo tub/shower can be awkward, even for younger folks. Standing on one foot, shifting weight, and finding your balance requires a degree of coordination. And then you have to repeat the process getting out, when you and the bathtub are wet. Researchers have found that
balance begins to decline at around age 50, and becomes worse with age. Walking into a shower, instead of climbing over a bathtub surround, instantly diminishes the risk of falling.

2. Puts shower controls within easy reach

In a typical shower/tub combo, adjusting water temperature often means stretching over the tub surround to reach the controls, or even climbing into the tub itself. Installing a walk-in shower means you can have the controls placed immediately inside the shower door for easy access before you even step in.

3. Creates a non-slick surface that prevents slipping

By their nature, bathtub interiors are smooth, which is fine when you're sitting in the tub, not so fine when you're standing. The non-slip tiles and grout used on walk-in shower bases provide a more textured surface that significantly enhances stability.


4. Provides support with a grab bar

Grab bars are to showers what railings are to staircases. They provide steadiness and security when getting in or out of the shower, retrieving a bar of soap, or scrubbing a foot.

5. Reduces awkward balancing with shower seats and hand-held fixtures 

Whether because of an injury or a mobility issue, there may come a time when standing in the shower becomes difficult. To the rescue: a built-in shower seat and hand-held showerhead, items that are also critical should someone require assistance in bathing. The good news is that these are great accessories regardless of the user’s physical needs. A built-in seat makes leg-shaving easier and acts as a generous ledge for bath products, and a hand-held showerhead is a game-changer when washing kids and dogs.

6. Eases bathroom cleaning

Cleaning a bathtub can do a number on your back and knees — you have to lean over the tub to scrub the base and walls, and the deeper the tub, the greater the difficulty. By contrast, cleaning a walk-in shower means stepping inside and spritzing the walls.

To witness the transformative impact of Aging In Place Solutions walk-in shower conversions, read more about shower accessibility solutions for seniors in Phoenix, and there you can view stunning before-and-after examples. For a cost-free consultation with owner Bruce Berey, call 602-989-8255 and take the first step towards a safer and more stylish bathroom experience.


Shower Remodels: The Gainey Flooring Difference

Shower Remodels: The Gainey Flooring Difference

Not All Shower Remodels Are Created Equal

So you're thinking about replacing your old shower/bathtub combo with a new walk-in shower. Smart move. You'll eliminate the need to climb in and out of the tub every time you take a shower, which can be scary — and hazardous — for older people.

At this point you've probably visited a big-box home store, scanned the local paper, and maybe done a quick online search for “shower remodels.” And you've seen the offers. “Your Dream Bathroom In as Little as One Day!” “No Interest, No Payments for 12 Months!”

The accompanying photos of shiny white shower surrounds look pretty good. Squint, and you might even imagine you're looking at real subway tile.

The problem, says Bruce Berey, owner of Gainey Flooring Solutions in  Scottsdale, AZ, is that you're spending serious money on what is essentially a prefabricated piece of plastic.

There's a big difference between trusting your bathroom to a company that uses high-quality materials and experienced craftsmen to create a custom, tiled shower, and giving your business to a company installing a factory- made shower molded of plastic, fiberglass, or acrylic. The first type of remodel is made to last decades, with materials, colors, and hardware that suit your taste and home. The second is a prefabricated unit that comes in limited colors and styles and given time and weight, may very well crack.

Surprisingly, there’s often no difference in price between the two. In fact, when Gainey Flooring replaces a shower/tub combo with a walk-in shower crafted from porcelain tile, the total cost is typically $3,000 to $5,000 less than the molded plastic version.
aging in place bathroom remodel  for seniors in phoenix
Among the advantages of a custom, Gainey Flooring Solutions shower remodel:
✓ Pulling the existing tub and shower out of the wall before laying new tile allows the crew to determine if there are mold or water issues. Factory- made shower units are slapped up over the existing tile, so water problems stay hidden and festering.
✓ Gainey uses natural materials such as stone, marble, and porcelain that add to the value of your home, rather than inexpensive man-made plastics that look and feel cheap.
✓ Quality materials and installation mean Gainey showers will be enjoyed for decades, rather than crack over time as plastic shower pans are known to do.
✓ Gainey clients select the materials, colors, and finishes that suit their taste and their home, rather than make do with the manufacturer's prefabricated merchandise.
✓ Accessories such as shampoo niches, shower benches, and glass doors are custom-designed for each project.
✓ Each project is overseen by owner Bruce Berey, who coordinates all work and deliveries and employs a team of craftsmen with years of experience.

Check Out The Best Custom Shower and Tub Contractor In Scottsdale, AZ Today

Replacing your existing tub/shower combo with a custom walk-in shower is one of the best investments you can make in your home and your lifestyle. Cilck the link to see dozens of stunning before-and-after walk-in showers for seniors. To schedule a cost-free consultation with owner Bruce Berey, call 602-989-8255.