Shower Remodels: The Gainey Flooring Difference

Shower Remodels: The Gainey Flooring Difference

Not All Shower Remodels Are Created Equal

So you're thinking about replacing your old shower/bathtub combo with a new walk-in shower. Smart move. You'll eliminate the need to climb in and out of the tub every time you take a shower, which can be scary — and hazardous — for older people.

At this point you've probably visited a big-box home store, scanned the local paper, and maybe done a quick online search for “shower remodels.” And you've seen the offers. “Your Dream Bathroom In as Little as One Day!” “No Interest, No Payments for 12 Months!”

The accompanying photos of shiny white shower surrounds look pretty good. Squint, and you might even imagine you're looking at real subway tile.

The problem, says Bruce Berey, owner of Gainey Flooring Solutions in  Scottsdale, AZ, is that you're spending serious money on what is essentially a prefabricated piece of plastic.

There's a big difference between trusting your bathroom to a company that uses high-quality materials and experienced craftsmen to create a custom, tiled shower, and giving your business to a company installing a factory- made shower molded of plastic, fiberglass, or acrylic. The first type of remodel is made to last decades, with materials, colors, and hardware that suit your taste and home. The second is a prefabricated unit that comes in limited colors and styles and given time and weight, may very well crack.

Surprisingly, there’s often no difference in price between the two. In fact, when Gainey Flooring replaces a shower/tub combo with a walk-in shower crafted from porcelain tile, the total cost is typically $3,000 to $5,000 less than the molded plastic version.
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Among the advantages of a custom, Gainey Flooring Solutions shower remodel:
✓ Pulling the existing tub and shower out of the wall before laying new tile allows the crew to determine if there are mold or water issues. Factory- made shower units are slapped up over the existing tile, so water problems stay hidden and festering.
✓ Gainey uses natural materials such as stone, marble, and porcelain that add to the value of your home, rather than inexpensive man-made plastics that look and feel cheap.
✓ Quality materials and installation mean Gainey showers will be enjoyed for decades, rather than crack over time as plastic shower pans are known to do.
✓ Gainey clients select the materials, colors, and finishes that suit their taste and their home, rather than make do with the manufacturer's prefabricated merchandise.
✓ Accessories such as shampoo niches, shower benches, and glass doors are custom-designed for each project.
✓ Each project is overseen by owner Bruce Berey, who coordinates all work and deliveries and employs a team of craftsmen with years of experience.

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Replacing your existing tub/shower combo with a custom walk-in shower is one of the best investments you can make in your home and your lifestyle. Cilck the link to see dozens of stunning before-and-after walk-in showers for seniors. To schedule a cost-free consultation with owner Bruce Berey, call 602-989-8255.